POSH 2015 Sustaining and Diversifying Maura Coleman


Maura will be facilitating a Q&A about diversifying and sustaining a successful business when traditional bookings are down. This session will be informal and open to brainstorming and discussions and will result in concrete plans and takeaways to implement into your business immediately.

Maura started Creative Films in 2001 after a ten year career teaching K-12 art. She has a BFA in drawing and printmaking with a minor in photography, a BS in Art Education and a MA in Art Museum Education. This business started as a way to find a new outlet to make art and feed a young family. Creative Films balances creating boutique wedding films with corporate work and is constantly looking for new ways to grow and stay fresh in an ever changing industry.

POSH 2015 Social Media & Marketing: Cali Hlavac

Cali pic

Cali Hlavnic of A Sound Impression is leading a Q&A breakout session on the unique ways to engage using social media such as Instragram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter as well as other low cost marketing ideas to promote and grow your business. This session will be informal in style and allow open discussions, questions and different takeaways.

Cali has owned and operated her DJ & Videography company, A Sound Impression, for over seven years in the Nebraska market. Currently, she has offices in both Omaha and Lincoln and has done numerous destination work, while also shooting in over 20 states. Two years ago she launched her second brand, Silver Shade Studios along the Emerald Coast of Florida, servicing Destin and surrounding areas. Her online presence and knowledge of social media has provided many opportunities for her, including teaching and coaching businesses through the local community college, as well as managing the social media in house for other companies.

Announcing POSH 2015 Presenter Steph Killip

Steph Killip

True fact – I was born on a tiny island called Reunion; near Mauritius in the Southern Indian Ocean. I lived there for 9 years before moving to New Caledonia (Pacific Ocean) then to France (Atlantic Ocean), and have now been calling New Zealand home for the last 12 years. You can say I am a true citizen of the world.

With parents, grand parents and brothers all being traveler and explorers, it is not surprising to me that I board many a plane every year in search of a new adventure.

For the last few years, my husband/business partner Robin and I have been splitting our time between Europe (France mainly) and New Zealand with HQs in France and New Zealand as well as an editor based in New York City, making bubblerock truly international; but this had been our plan and focus from the start.

In fact, bubblerock has taken us to incredible places so far such as Sweden, France, Italy, Santorini, Spain, Australia, the USA, Ecuador, Mexico, Sri Lanka & throughout New Zealand and we have work towards creating this international brand from the get-go.

One thing I’ve learned through working on bubblerock is that beyond the necessity to provide a high standard quality of work, there is a need to create an incredible customer experience, a strong brand presence and leave a mark before and after you have completed your job. In an environment where you have countless options to choose from, nothing else will define your business and make you stand out more than the person that you are and the brand that you project. Creating great work is a given, making it unique through the experience you provide is a necessity.

All clients come with a “want”, your business must turn this into a “must-have”.

On a more formal note – I have completed a Masters of Science in Management (what a title) and have been a self-taught shooter and editor for over 13 years. In 2005, I undertook a 1-year diploma in filmmaking whilst in New Zealand. My sole goal for going to film school was to get a crew together and produce a short film about my grand dad. Goal achieved. Since then, I got the opportunity to work on productions both for TV and films in New Zealand with a highlight being that I was a part of the small camera crew on a short film directed by Academy-Award-winner Grant Major (Production Designer on the Lord of the Rings movies). After a stint as a marketing executive for a top international 3D animation, design and game development school for 4 years, I left the corporate world to concentrate on bubblerock full time.

Lover of her cats, obsessed with Dave Grohl, seeker of good times, film photographer and always needing to be by the sea, I am a crazy, giving, life-loving French girl who believes in sharing knowledge, experiences and tips so everyone gets a chance at growth and success.
What makes you a better shooter or editor is experience, hard work, trial and error as well as the intention to create consistently great work.

I believe we put our own limits to our work and achievements, so I always choose to see an opportunity before seeing the hurdles: it’s about being some kind of realistic dreamer, right?

Announcing POSH 2015 Presenter Shannon Avery

Shan Avery headshot 800

Shannon Avery | Owner • Creative Director

Shannon is the Owner of Hoo Films and oversees her creative teams, directing every film. Throughout the process, Shannon still shoots and edits as well, while connecting with each couple.

Given her experience at Hoo Films, Shannon has spoken at a variety of conferences and schools, including Infocus Video Events and Posh, two conferences based on raising the education standards in filmmaking. Beyond weddings, Shannon most recently worked on chronicling Reese Witherspoon’s transformation as a Cirque performer in her most recent movie, “Water For Elephants.” She’s also had the honor of working for some amazing hoots, including the Los Angeles Dodgers, USA Olympians, UCLA, John Wooden and many small businesses. Filmmaking has led her to the most amazing, challenging career she could have ever imagined. She respects her talents and remains curious how each couple will challenge her with a new idea. Aside from art, Shannon loves the beach, surfing, paddle boarding, playing the guitar, and traveling… and if that traveling includes a destination wedding, well… even better! In the past couple years, Hoo Films has traveled to Puerto Rico, St. Martin, Honduras, Punta Cana, Mexico, Chicago, San Francisco, Hawaii, London, and Iceland to capture a variety of special moments.

Announcing POSH 2015 Presenter Stepheny Keith

Tucson Photographer


– Mastermind/Creator/Benevolent Despot of Black Sheep Filmworks
– Had huge hair in the 80’s
– Is married to a hunky Englishman Usually wins at Trivial Pursuit
– Loves her iPhone Ultimate dream job: Filmmaker Sommelier
– Favorite places: Hutch’s Pool, London at Christmas time, The American – Wing at the Met, EATaly or In-and-Out (drive thru)

Since it’s inception in 1992, Black Sheep Filmworks has continually stood out from the flock, with Stepheny Keith at its helm. After graduating from the University of Arizona with a BFA in Media Arts, Stepheny moved to LA. There she worked on feature films, cable network news and for the GAP in Studio Services. But working for corporate America was just not where she wanted to be. She created Black Sheep Video (now Filmworks) and set out to become a high end boutique filmmaker. She achieved this goal within 3 years, and has maintained it for over 20 years. As the principal shooter, editor, accountant, marketer, networker, and creative, Stepheny is all things to Black sheep.

She is also a wife, mother of two, PTA board member, and chief dog walker and pool girl.
Stepheny’s work has been featured on CNN and Arizona Illustrated. From Janet Napolitano, to Julio Iglesias to Larry McMurty, every client has elevated her craft, but none more than the 500 plus weddings she has filmed and edited over her career. Every wedding film brings new clients, new challenges and a brand new story. Every day is different, which is one of the many things she loves about being a filmmaker. She completed her first Same Day Edit in 2003, and has documented weddings everywhere from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to Vieques, Puerto Rico. Stepheny limits the number of weddings that he will contract yearly, and is selective regarding her clientele. She credits much of her success to her husband Alex, who was Black Sheep’s original second shooter/editor and business coach. His advice on money management, client
negotiations and balancing work and life have made happiness and business success attainable. From ReFrame, to InFocus to POSH, Stepheny is a huge believer in continuing education. The networking, technical skills and friendships that have come from these conferences have been invaluable to her.
When she’s not documenting a day, or crafting an edit, you may find Stepheny perfecting her Muay Thai kickboxing techniques, walking her dog, Tucker, or hiking the gorgeous Arizona desert with her family.Her husband Alex, and her two AHHHmazing kids, Alexa (18) and Aidan (14) are the lights of her life, and she will tell you all about them, if you give her a day…or two. Funny, original, irreverent, and a bit of a badass…Meet Stepheny Keith.

Announcing POSH 2015 presenter Taryn Pollock

View More: http://elysehall.pass.us/proofs-2

Taryn Pollock graduated from Arizona State University from the Walter Cronkite School of Broadcast Journalism. She began her professional career in Television News. She quickly realized that being the next Katie Couric was not for her and made her way into Radio Advertising Sales. After 10 years in the corporate industry, she “married” her experience in TV with her Sales and Marketing expertise to create Serendipity Cinematography in 2005. In 2009 she added a second brand to the mix called Simply Cinema focusing on couples who want a more simplified wedding film. 9 years later her companies have shot and edited over 1000 wedding films. The funny thing is that she didn’t shoot or edit a single wedding film. She learned very early on that her passion was the business. She loves focusing on the strategy of the business and the sales and marketing aspect.

Serendipity Cinematography has won the “Best Wedding Videographer” award seven times from Arizona Bride Magazine . They have also won the prestigious “Top Of The Tiara” Best Overall Wedding Vendor 2 years in a row. Pollock is one of the founding members of the WIPA Wedding Industry Professionals Association Chapter in Arizona, an organization that strives to raise the bar in the wedding industry. Her latest endeavor includes launching a Sales Coaching Business For Creatives. She is known at Taryn Pollock “The Expansion Strategist” helping Wedding Professionals expand their businesses.

Announcing group facilitator Cali Hlavac.

Cali pic

Cali has owned and operated her DJ & Videography company, A Sound Impression, for over seven years in the Nebraska market. Currently, she has offices in both Omaha and Lincoln and has done numerous destination work, while also shooting in over 20 states. Two years ago she launched her second brand, Silver Shade Studios along the Emerald Coast of Florida, servicing Destin and surrounding areas. Her online presence and knowledge of social media has provided many opportunities for her, including teaching and coaching businesses through the local community college, as well as managing the social media in house for other companies.

Cali is leading am open discussion on marketing your business, standing out from your competitors and how best to utilize social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter. This is a chance to ask questions, share your marketing successes, etc.

Announcing group facilitator Meg Rodney

Meg Rodney pic

Meg Rodney is a commercial advertising photographer in the Boston area and the director of marketing for LensProToGo. Prior to LPTG, she worked in many areas of the industry including running her own full time photo business, assisting and producing for commercial filmmakers, working as a digital tech, being a represented model of Maggie Inc. as well as being a producer and stylist assistant with Ennis Inc. working for companies like Brooks Brothers, Reebok, Stride Rite, Brookstone and Puma. Currently, she is also a marketing and social media consultant for industry companies. In her free time, you can find her standup paddle boarding, xc skiing, climbing mountains or hanging out with her cat, Domino.

Meg will lead a discussion on everything gear related. She is bringing some toys with her for us to check out and use and it also gives us a chance to ask her questions, share technical experiences, etc.

Announcing group facilitator April Robles

April Robles

April Robles Patel has been the owner and operator of Robles Video Productions since 1998. Once a small family business, Robles Video now employees 12 individuals with a full scale studio based in sunny Orange County, CA, while filming over 200 events a year. She and her team have filmed weddings across the United States and multiple countries, including India and Mexico. In addition to weddings, April has had the opportunity to work for large corporations including The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Anna’s Linens.

Not only does April have to stay abreast with the latest technologies and equipment and craft her storytelling tactics when filming and producing events, she is equally responsible in operating a business that relies heavily on her decision making. Taking her business from a 2-man team (her father and her) to what it is today, structuring her company to be profitable and fruitful for all those involved and thinking long term are the keys to her success.

April will lead a discussion on tactics to grow and sustain your business. Some of the things we will discuss are:

Starting a Business
– Corporate structure
– First purchases
– Capital

Growing a Business
– Hiring the right people & classifying correctly (Independent Contractors vs. Employees)
– Office space
– Reinvesting for growth

Part 3: Sustaining this Business
– Cultivating relationships with vendors
– Maintaining quality & consistency of work
– Keeping your staff for longevity

Announcing POSH presenter Sarah Pendergraft

Sarah pic

Former news reporter, producer and anchor Sarah Pendergraft has always had a passion for storytelling. Since launching PenWeddings in 2009, Sarah and her husband Rick have used that same passion to create emotionally captivating wedding films for their couples. Based in Oklahoma, they spend much of their time on the road, shooting weddings across the country and internationally.

Their work has been recognized with several industry awards, including one specifically for “best sound design.” Placing a huge emphasis on audio, Sarah believes song selection should be more than an afterthought or rushed decision. She speaks about the importance of audio often, pointing out that the proper combination of a great song and natural sound is key to creating an emotional connection between the viewer and your film.

Believing that education is one of the best ways to elevate the impression of our industry as a whole, Sarah has presented at the InFocus Video Event, WEVA International, a number of local wedding/videography associations, and the first ever filmmaking track at Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, and she is excited for the opportunity to share at the POSH Retreat.

Sound Design: Creating Powerful, Emotional, Moving stories through the Art of Audio
As equipment options become smaller and cheaper, more and more people are trying their hands at wedding videography. Compelling and high quality audio is one of the biggest keys to having your films stand out to brides.

Sarah will discuss:
– Audio equipment
– Finding the story
– Sound bite selection
– Sound bite editing
– Song selection
– Song editing

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