POSH 2017 schedule

Tuesday, January 10 – 8:00 – 9:00am

“Marketing in and out of your Market” lead by Shannon Avery of Hoo Films

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Tuesday, January 10 – 9:15 – 10:15am

“Marketing to Millenials” lead by Larisa Graham of Larisa Graham Films




Tuesday, January 10 – 10:30 – 11:30am

“Transitioning from Wedding to Corporate” lead by Kiera Faye of The Adventures Of 

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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Wednesday, January 11 – 8:00 – 9:00am

“Sales Process” lead by Meg Simone with Meg Simone Films

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Wednesday, January 11 – 9:15 – 10:15am

“Client Communication (setting expectations)” lead by Stepheny Keith of Black Sheep Filmworks


Tucson Photographer

Tucson Photographer


Wednesday, January 11 – 10:30 – 11:30am 

“Organizing Work Flow (from inquiry to delivery)” lead by Jennifer Moon of Northernlight Filmworks 

Jen Moon


#1 reason: Performance by Kim Edwards sponsored by SongFreedom!


KIM EDWARDS is an East Coast-raised singer-songwriter who began piano lessons at the age of 4 and grew up listening to a healthy dose of everything from Mozart to The Beach Boys to Queen. With roots steeped in classical music and an appreciation for well-crafted pop, Kim’s uniquely playful musicality has garnered favorable comparisons to artists such as Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor, and Christina Perri (with a hint of the Beatles).

In 2009, Kim released her first self-titled EP (produced by Will Hunt (Ryan Cabrera, Amy Lee) and Ken Calderon). Her first full-length album, Wanderlust (produced by Randy Adams) was released in 2012. Described as “epic and elegantly emotional chamber pop”, Wanderlust reached #25 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart, an impressive feat for a totally independent, DIY artist who used standard networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Kickstarter for exposure.

Since the release, Kim has been featured on numerous podcasts/radio shows (LA Talk Radio with Guy Towe, WCWP 88.1 FM Long Island, Up Close & Acoustic with Charlie Silvestri on WBZH) and music blogs (Adnams Brewery’s April 2012 Artist of the Month, NYSongwriters.com’s June 2013 Artist of the Month). She has opened for artists such as Jars of Clay, Shirock, and Zerbin and has played notable venues such as Room 5 in Los Angeles, The Bitter End in NYC, and Eddie’s Attic in Georgia. She has also performed in the acclaimed NY Songwriters Circle showcase.

Kim recently returned to the studio where she recorded her second EP, “Lovers and Loners,” to be released on September 25, 2015.

Get connected with Kim:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kedwardsmusic
Twitter: @kimedwardsmusic
Instagram: @kimedwardsmusic
YouTube: www.youtube.com/kimedwardsmusic

Thanks to our presenting sponsor, SongFreedom for what is going to be an amazing performance and experience!

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#3 reason to attend POSH 2015: All Inclusive Event in Cancun!


You get to get away from your editing bay, taking calls and doing paperwork to spend 4 days in Cancun, Mexico with a group of talented women. The bonus everything is included so no worrying or stressing about how to budget for food, drinks, entertainment, tips because it is all inclusive so it makes it super easy to relax, emjoy, learn, be inspired and create friendships. Enough said.

#4 reason to attend POSH 2015: Shannon Avery

Shan Avery headshot 800

Shannon Avery | Owner • Creative Director

Shannon’s topic: “How to speed up your workflow by finding inspiration from clients to create fresh, unique films every single time.”

Shannon is the Owner of Hoo Films and oversees her creative teams, directing every film. Throughout the process, Shannon still shoots and edits as well, while connecting with each couple.

Given her experience at Hoo Films, Shannon has spoken at a variety of conferences and schools, including Infocus Video Events and Posh, two conferences based on raising the education standards in filmmaking. Beyond weddings, Shannon most recently worked on chronicling Reese Witherspoon’s transformation as a Cirque performer in her most recent movie, “Water For Elephants.” She’s also had the honor of working for some amazing hoots, including the Los Angeles Dodgers, USA Olympians, UCLA, John Wooden and many small businesses. Filmmaking has led her to the most amazing, challenging career she could have ever imagined. She respects her talents and remains curious how each couple will challenge her with a new idea. Aside from art, Shannon loves the beach, surfing, paddle boarding, playing the guitar, and traveling… and if that traveling includes a destination wedding, well… even better! In the past couple years, Hoo Films has traveled to Puerto Rico, St. Martin, Honduras, Punta Cana, Mexico, Chicago, San Francisco, Hawaii, London, and Iceland to capture a variety of special moments.

#5 reason to attend POSH 2015: Steph Killip

Steph Killip

My husband/business partner Robin and I have been splitting our time between Europe (France mainly) and New Zealand with HQs in France and New Zealand as well as an editor based in New York City, making bubblerock truly international; but this had been our plan and focus from the start. Bubblerock has taken us to incredible places so far such as Sweden, France, Italy, Santorini, Spain, Australia, the USA, Ecuador, Mexico, Sri Lanka & throughout New Zealand and we have work towards creating this international brand from the get-go.

One thing I’ve learned through working on bubblerock is that beyond the necessity to provide a high standard quality of work, there is a need to create an incredible customer experience, a strong brand presence and leave a mark before and after you have completed your job. In an environment where you have countless options to choose from, nothing else will define your business and make you stand out more than the person that you are and the brand that you project. Creating great work is a given, making it unique through the experience you provide is a necessity.

All clients come with a “want”, your business must turn this into a “must-have”.

#6 to attend POSH 2015: Stepheny Keith


Stepheny Keith: The Hedgehog, the fox and the videographer’s vox:

  • Coping mechanisms for overcoming doubts and fears that naturally occur during filming those “once in a lifetime”events.
  • Strategies for staying on task during editing, while keeping creativity alive.
  • Scripts for dealing with “We LOVE your work, but you’re way out of our budget” and “What’s your best price?”
  • How to say “yes” and “no” when you need to, in order to live a balanced life.
  • Learn to not over-extend yourself upon returning from an educational event i,e, don’t let the fox in the B&H house 😉
  • Find your filmmaker/videographer’s vox (voice) and learn to listen to it!

Since it’s inception in 1992, Black Sheep Filmworks has continually stood out from the flock, with Stepheny Keith at its helm. After graduating from the University of Arizona with a BFA in Media Arts, Stepheny moved to LA. There she worked on feature films, cable network news and for the GAP in Studio Services. But working for corporate America was just not where she wanted to be. She created Black Sheep Video (now Filmworks) and set out to become a high end boutique filmmaker. She achieved this goal within 3 years, and has maintained it for over 20 years. As the principal shooter, editor, accountant, marketer, networker, and creative, Stepheny is all things to Black sheep.

#7 reason to attend POSH 2015: Presenter Taryn Pollock


Creating a Tailored Sales Presentation To Book More Couples

  • Most Creatives know how to “create” they don’t know how to sell their creations.
  • I will teach step by step how to sell your talent and have a tailored sales presentation that will book you more events.

Taryn Pollock graduated from Arizona State University from the Walter Cronkite School of Broadcast Journalism. She began her professional career in Television News. She quickly realized that being the next Katie Couric was not for her and made her way into Radio Advertising Sales. After 10 years in the corporate industry, she “married” her experience in TV with her Sales and Marketing expertise to create Serendipity Cinematography in 2005. In 2009 she added a second brand to the mix called Simply Cinema focusing on couples who want a more simplified wedding film. 9 years later her companies have shot and edited over 1000 wedding films. The funny thing is that she didn’t shoot or edit a single wedding film. She learned very early on that her passion was the business. She loves focusing on the strategy of the business and the sales and marketing aspect.

Serendipity Cinematography has won the “Best Wedding Videographer” award seven times from Arizona Bride Magazine . They have also won the prestigious “Top Of The Tiara” Best Overall Wedding Vendor 2 years in a row. Pollock is one of the founding members of the WIPA Wedding Industry Professionals Association Chapter in Arizona, an organization that strives to raise the bar in the wedding industry. Her latest endeavor includes launching a Sales Coaching Business For Creatives. She is known at Taryn Pollock “The Expansion Strategist” helping Wedding Professionals expand their businesses.

#8 reason to attend POSH 2015: Q&A Breakout Sessions


Meg Simone – Solopreneur
Meg will discuss her workflow and business model with being a one woman band and how to find your true voice in it all. As her personal goals and vision keep pulling her back to the Solo-one woman band life, she will share how makes her small business one woman operation successful.

Amanda G photo

Amanda Gosselin – Same Day Edits
Amanda is going to give tips, advice and answer questions about what it takes to prepare, create and produce same day edits for clients. SDE’s are a great marketing tool for your business and as she will also discuss how to market and sell this feature.

Cali pic

Cali Hlavnic – Social Media and Marketing
Cali is leading a Q&A breakout session on the unique ways to engage using social media such as Instragram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter as well as other low cost marketing ideas to promote and grow your business. This session will be informal in style and allow open discussions, questions and different takeaways.


Maura Colemen – Sustaining and Diversifying
Maura is facilitating a Q&A about diversifying and sustaining a successful business when traditional bookings are down. This session will be informal and open to brainstorming and discussions and will result in concrete plans and takeaways to implement into your business immediately.

#9 reason to attend POSH 2015: Film & Photo Critiques

Meg 2

This year at POSH we are doing film & photo viewing/critiques for all attendees that want to participate. This session is being led by the amazing filmmaker, Meg Simone. Have you film viewed and be given feedback by some of the most talented lady filmmaker and photographers in the country. This is a great chance to get honest opinions & advice about your work to enhance your storytelling skills. There will be slots of time on Monday and Wednesday to showcase a short film.

#10 reason to attend POSH 2015: the experience

POSH 2014 pic 3

We are counting down the top 10 reasons to attend this year’s POSH retreat at the Moon Palace resort in Cancun, Mexico November 15-19th. Our #10 is the POSH experience because I don’t know man conferences that happen at a beautiful resort on a beach! POSH is intimate, positive, encouraging, educational and inspiring for ladies new in the business to veterans. Everyone is an open book about themselves and their business, which makes POSH so special. You get to spend four days with like minded woman owned businesses and filmmakers that face similar challenges and successes in their career. We share, we laugh, we cry and we bond making lifelong friendships along the way which is prove in our POSH Facebook group which has almost 300 members and growing.

Here is what past attendees have to say about the POSH experience:

“LOVED ALL OF THE SPEAKERS. They were amazing, so insightful and sparked my creative energy. I am motivated to really get going on my business. They made me feel like I could do anything if I set my mind to it. I’m not a big cruiser…so that’s the only reason I rated it that way. I tend to get sea sick and would have liked the seminar better on land . Prizes were great…bonding too. I will definitely be going next year!”

“POSH was an incredible experience! I loved that we got the opportunity to spend so much time connecting with other women in the wedding and event film industry”

“I absolutely loved the POSH experience! All of you are incredible!!! BTW I am wearing my POSH t-shirt today :)

 Jen and Reagan, THANK YOU just doesn’t seem to express how thankful I am for all the work you put into making POSH beyond “just another retreat.” I am inspired and relaxed!”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better schedule. The speakers were PHENOMENAL! I have taken more from this trip than any other conference or meeting I’ve ever been to. On the flight home I kept going over everything I wanted to fix/change with our business and how I was going to do it! Overall I think this was the best business/personal trip I’ve ever been on (excluding my honeymoon of course! lol). I know I thanked you both over and over again while on the cruise – but seriously – thank you for making this all possible and really bringing it together! All of the women that attended have been changed forever.”

“Thanks so much to Jen and Reagan for organizing and thanks to everyone who let me ask the tons of questions I had. It was an awesome place for a newbie to be! Can’t wait to hang out again soon.”

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