#5 reason to attend POSH 2015: Steph Killip

Steph Killip

My husband/business partner Robin and I have been splitting our time between Europe (France mainly) and New Zealand with HQs in France and New Zealand as well as an editor based in New York City, making bubblerock truly international; but this had been our plan and focus from the start. Bubblerock has taken us to incredible places so far such as Sweden, France, Italy, Santorini, Spain, Australia, the USA, Ecuador, Mexico, Sri Lanka & throughout New Zealand and we have work towards creating this international brand from the get-go.

One thing I’ve learned through working on bubblerock is that beyond the necessity to provide a high standard quality of work, there is a need to create an incredible customer experience, a strong brand presence and leave a mark before and after you have completed your job. In an environment where you have countless options to choose from, nothing else will define your business and make you stand out more than the person that you are and the brand that you project. Creating great work is a given, making it unique through the experience you provide is a necessity.

All clients come with a “want”, your business must turn this into a “must-have”.

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